Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Kids Prayers

I make the kids go to bed every night at 8:30. That usually means they are actually in bed by 9. This is after them saying, "Mom, I need a drink of water. Mom, I need to go potty. Mom, I can hear Kaleb/Katie breathing...." etc... you get the drift. So then, they start saying their prayers. It starts dear God,(if it's katie praying) please help my brother turn in his homework, and help me be good, watch over mommy, momo, di di, angie, etc. (everyone she can think of and then...) please keep my daddy shawnie safe and don't let him get eaten by sharks (he's in Galveston). So, this makes me laugh. Then Kaleb starts praying, basically the same thing, but then he says God please don't let my daddy shawnie get eaten by killer whales...(yelling) MOMMY DO THEY HAVE KILLER WHALES IN GALVESTON? I say, I don't know Kaleb. Then he continues, Don't let my daddy shawnie get eaten by paranas...(yelling again) MOMMY DO THEY HAVE PARANAS IN GALVESTON? I say again, I don't know Kaleb. So, then says geez, ok just don't let him get eaten ( and instead of him saying in Jesus name) he says Lord Jesus Amen.

They are so funny. They keep me laughing!

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