Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last week, I was super busy at the salon. We had couples massages galore. So, about the third one, we have a younger couple. The man was a pretty big guy. The woman was a stick. I tell them, "I'm going to be at this table. Talle will be at this table. It doesn't matter to us which table you decide to choose." Yada. Yada. We step out and close the door. We wait about 5 minutes and go back in. The woman was on my table.

So, I ask her, "What kind of pressure do you like, Light, Medium, Deep?" She says, "I want it pretty deep and I only want my neck, shoulders and back done."

I say, "Ok. Well, if the pressure is too deep or too light, just let me know."

She says, "Oh you can't hurt me." It makes me laugh when people say this, because they really don't know what they are saying.

I work on her shoulders and neck while she's face up. She says, "That was the best neck massage I've ever had!" She was a little dramatic. Then I have her turn over.

I get to her shoulders and she says, "Could you use a little less pressure please?"

I say, "Sure." I let up a little.

Then about 5 minutes a later, she says again, "Could you use a little less pressure please?"

I again say, "Sure." I let up some more.

Another 5 minutes goes by. She AGAIN says, "Could you use a little less pressure please?"

Are you kidding me? You told me I couldn't hurt you and you have told me 3 times to use less pressure? This makes me laugh and it's sort of annoying. People think because I'm a small girl I must suck. Or they want to look "tough".

Haven't these people heard the expression, "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER".

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BB 11

Ok, I know I haven't blogged in awhile and it's kind of lame for me to blog about Big Brother. But, I just have to say that.... LYDIA IS PSYCHO! And so are Chima and Natalie for that matter. Are they sniffing crazy glue or something? Crying over Jesse?! They are MAD ( as in loco)!

Chima: Jesse is the only one who didn't say anything bad about anyone in this house. He is the only one who kept his word.

Seriously? Did he not say he would put Ronnie up and then back doored Casey and evicted him? Did Jeff, Jordan, or Michelle cry and go CRAZY over that? No. It's a stupid game.

Then Natalie saying Michelle pushed Chima to act like a child. Uhhhh.... Chima's been acting like that since day one. Only this time, Chima couldn't stand it that maybe... just maybe... Michelle was a little bit smarter than her.

Lydia has been a little off her rocker for a while now. I mean come on, watching Jesse sleep in HOH room and he didn't even know it. Pyscho-stalkerish. And how dare she call Jordan a dumb hoe when Jordan had never said anything sideways about her. Was it not last week that she couldn't stand Natalie and now they are BFF? Lydia... jealous much?

Anyway... I hope Jeff and Jordan win! Yay for Jeff for play the coup de' taut! Power to the sane players!