Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not such a good secretary...

So, I'm the secretary of the kids PTO. This week is teacher appreciation week. I was responsible for sending out notes in the kids folders last week. Wednesday I typed up a note and made it so that it would fit twice on the page. I thought it would save some paper. I get to the school Thursday morning. I copy the note I typed up, cut the sheets in half, and put them in the teachers cubbies according to the class count. I am totally finished and the Principal comes up to me, picks up the note and says, Oh this looks great. Then she says, Oh, Wait. She starts laughing. Look at Wednesday, she says. Instead of it saying, Wednesday- Good Deed. It says Good Dead. I started cracking up. She says, I don't think this is a typo we can get away with. She was right. I had to do it all over. It took me another 45 minutes.

I swear. I must be the worst PTO Secretary. =)

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