Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What happens in Vegas... won't exactly stay there

We just got home from our Vegas trip. We had fun, but seriously if we ever go back, we will NOT be staying at Planet Hollywood. The employees were like little leaches, like telemarketers, like the mexicans standing on the strip trying to hand you smut. They were always in our face trying to sell us something. Almost every time we stepped off the elevator or tried to walk out of the entrance to go to the mall that is adjacent, there was someone in our face asking us to come preview PH towers by Westgate. It was so annoying. I was like, DUDE! WE ARE FROM OKLAHOMA! WE ARE NOT BUYING A CONDO HERE! GET OVER IT! So, anyway we will never stay there again. On a brightside to staying there... they played awesome music in the casino, lol.

Another thing that I experienced in Vegas was the Aqua Massage, I have one word. LAME. They charge you for laying face down in a human car wash, except you don't get wet. I can not believe I paid money for this. I wasn't too stoked about doing it, but I thought what the heck. I'll try it. It was a complete waste of time. Then the guy was like here, try our oxygen bar. He put this thing in my nostrils like I was an ederly woman who needed an oxygen tank attached to my wheel chair and then eScorted me to the "OXYGEN BAR". This too, was lame. It totally burned the inside of my nostrils. I mean seriously. I can breathe. I do not have congestive heart failure. I can not believe people pay money for this crap. I also saw one at the airport when we were waiting on our flight to Denver. I just don't understand how people think this stuff is great.

Anyway, we had an awesome Vacation, but spent entirely too much money and was so ready to come home. We almost got married, but we didn't manage our time very well. So, we're just going to have to get married here. HA HA.

We are not in too much of a hurry to go back.


Roismhaire said...

I laughed at your last line! We've been twice and decided we're just not "Vegasy" people - we'd need tons of mon to really get into it.

Glad the massage machine was lame, keeps us in jobs!


Leslie said...

Yeah we spent like 300 more than we budgeted for. Vegas is entirely too fast for us.

Yeah the aqua massage was totally lame. I guess it's for people who don't like to be