Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If you are a Massage Therapist and knock kneed....

I am both!

I am going to start with the beginning of my day. In my closet, I saw a pair of khaki corduroy pants I haven't wore in a few years. I loved those pants. I just thought maybe I didn't wear them anymore because they were too tight. I thought to myself, I've lost some weight. Maybe I can wear them now. I put them on and they fit great! I was stoked. I get the kids off to school grab my stuff and head to work. I get there, clock in, grab my schedule, go to my room, put my towels in the hot towel cabby, and turn on the bed warmer. My fellow massage therapist, Talle, comes into the room to put her stuff in the room (we are doing a couples massage). We chit chat until our clients are filling out the paperwork. We bring the clients in and give them the shpeel. Walk out and give them a few minutes. Then we walk back in. I sit down. I work on the clients neck and shoulders while he's face up.

After about 10 minutes, I get up and get the sinus eye pillows for our clients and lay them on the eyes. I walk to my clients arm and what do I hear as I'm walking? My knock knees making my pants rub back and forth. I suddenly remember why I stopped wearing these pants! So, you can imagine this goes on all day driving me nuts! Not to mention that when I get home, Shawn (my finance') says what is on you that's making that noise?

I sometimes think clothing should have a warning label. Like if you are over a size 20 you should not wear spandex. Or if you have knock knees, don't buy these corduroy pants!

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Marie said...

I don't have knock knees but my rub somewhere else on the legs. As a clue, it has something to do with a large bone.....duh!

Anyway, about your not remembering what you did on the other leg, I hear ya....sometimes I realize I'm probably the one who should be on the table, not my client. Just do what feels right, they probably won't remember what the heck you did