Sunday, February 1, 2009

Email to God

Here's a little preface:

My uncle Jay died in June of 2007. He had Wegener's disease, which normally fights the lungs, but fought his kidneys. Anyway, he had to get a stem cell transplant so that he did not develop leukemia. He died of congestive heart failure, because the bone marrow unit at Presby wasn't real efficient with his dialysis. He was a father figure to my kids. He was an amazing man. His life touch everyone he came in contact with. My kids talk about him all the time. It's so amazing how they can still remember him and the things he taught them.

My mom had my daughter, Katie, during the snow days. My mom was explaining to her how email works. She told Katie, I have friends that send me emails and I send them back. Katie says, Like God? My mom said, Yes! Katie said, So, he can tell Jay?

If you touch a child's life in a positive way, they will never forget it. I pray that the impact on my children's lives are positive and not for my own personal gain, but what's best for them!

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