Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl

As you know, last night was the Super Bowl. I had to work. Shawn says, just call in! Who gets a massage during the Super Bowl! Then he says, the Cardinals are wearing OU colors. They'll probably choke (we were rooting for the Cardinals). 

Anyway, the game has already started by the time I get home.  The kids were over at my grandma's (she lives next door). So, I started dinner and then told her to send them over.  They come home with 3D glasses they got from the store.  They had four. One for themselves and then one for Shawn and me.  So, Kaleb sits down and starts writing his spelling words.  Katie goes over to Shawn and says Daddy(sometimes they call him Shawn, sometimes they call him daddy), Which one is the Super balls? The one in the red and white? Are they super balls?  Shawn starts laughing and says, go ask mommy.  So she says, mommy which one is the super balls?  I said, Super bowl. She said, oh! Which one is the super bowl? I said, they are both in the super bowl.  So, I continue to make dinner. It's the end of the 2nd quarter. Then Shawn says, ok guys.  Get your glasses on.  So, we get them on.  The commercials were pretty cool.  Shawn and were both like, we are so going to see Monsters vs. Aliens!!! We had a pretty awesome family night.  I would post some pictures, of the kids with their glasses on, but my camera was stolen at Olive Garden this weekend. =( 

Oh well, such is life! =)


Anonymous said...

That girl is too cute!

Starla said...

That girl is too cute!