Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pink eye?

So, yesterday Kaleb was sent home from school because they thought he had pink eye. The secretary called me and said, Kaleb's eyes are red and the nurse isn't here, but if she was I'm sure she would be giving you a call too. Ok, first of all, the minute she said the nurse wasn't there, I should've said, Well then wait until she is and then send him home. But, I had my grandma get him. I called the doctor and they could get him in yesterday. So, we had to wait until today.

Just as I thought, he did NOT have pink eye. The doctor said, tell the teacher to stick to the teaching and let us do the doctoring...lol. I thought to myself, what if I was someone who had to take money out of my rent or utility money to take my kid to the doctor. I am going to tell the secretary, unless the nurse is there to say he needs to go home, don't bother calling me.

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