Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why didn't you listen?

Perfect example of people looking at you while you're speaking, nodding their head, and totally not listening to what you are saying.....

I am at work. I have a new client. He is probably in his late 50's. He is getting the Euphoria body treatment, which men do not usually get. It consists of a sea salt glow, a soak in our clawfoot tub with aromatherapy oils and a massage. So, I greet him and bring him in to the room.

Me: You can put your things behind the divider. Have you ever had an exfoliation?

Client: No.

Me: Ok, I suggest you completely disrobe, because you may get salt in your underwear and then you will be soaking in the tub. So, you don't want to be spending the rest of the day in wet in underwear.

Client: Ok. (he smiles)

Me: I'm going to step out. I will give you sometime to get onto the table face up underneath this top sheet (folding the top sheet back). Then I will knock on the door when I am ready to come in.

Client: Ok. Thank you.

I give him about 5-7 minutes. I knock on the door. I walk in. He is laying on top of the table at the opposite end of the table.....TOTALLY NAKED! I close my eyes and point.

Me: UNDER the top sheet at the other end of the table! (then I laugh nervously then walk back out of the room)

I am pacing in the hallway, trying to gather myself, still laughing nervously. I walk back in.

Client: I guess I wasn't listening.

My inner monologue: Ya think?


Starla said...

I would've died!

Roismhaire said...

THEY DON'T WARN YOU ABOUT THIS IN MASSAGE SCHOOL, DO THEY? This made me laugh! I thought people didn't understand me because of my accent, but it's good to hear it has happened to others!